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26 March 2019 @ 07:00 pm
Friends only (●´З`●) /  
☎ rukikki (age) 14 ~acts matures for her age srsly~ (oppuation) sophomore highschool student (location) califorina, usa (major interest) graphic designer / artist/ hair stylist / asian dramas / procastinator / open minded / visual & oshare kei / kpop / animanga / organic foods / photography/ fashion in general✫
✉< ask!
please, if you wish to become friends, leave a comment my love! ♥
✘ I will not accept you, if we don`t have any similar common interests.

✘ I will not add you back if you just randomly add me.

✔ this journal consist of fangirling, life, random things, discussion of bands.
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